Monday, June 2, 2014

Bias, unbiased, and both.

Bias, unbiased, and both.
Are we bias, unbiased, or bias to being unbiased? Bias stems the Middle French biasis; Biasis stems from Old Provencal biais. Unbiased is the antonym of bias. Is our state of mind unjust, just, or partial to being impartial? Bias in our spirit. Unbiased in our mind.  Bias to being unbiased in our connection to the world.
Is being bias a mechanism to protect our way of life from what we don’t know? In order to deduce anything, you have to use an order of operations. If you were to instinctively, purposely, or unknowingly miss a process, this could result in a bias. Although, how much detail you use with each process, may render you to construct no judgment. What if that mechanism is yielding us to being bias, bias to being unbiased?
The act of doing, accepting, and completing anything in the mind, should subdue that subject at rest. Therefore, being unbiased incurs its relevance in the present, being able to change the root; walk the path; forge the future. If unbiased is the complete opposite of being bias, we would use the same steps we use to get to bias, in reverse order. For instance, information-processing shortcuts, motivational factors, and social influence. All are essential areas to being bias and could be hindered in a bias state of mind, making them obsolete, or bias to be unbiased.
Our bodies, our governments, our religions are all bias to being unbiased. When the need arises, everything changes. Bias does not change. Unbiased does change. To be bias about being unbiased, leaves no room for error. In other words, you`re not denying yourself anything essential.
Character, walk, and grandness can be enhanced. Secure unbiased in the foundation of bias. This will give a win/win situation. The unshakable inclination of being bias. Finally, the unwavering exponential power you can give to being unbiased.
*       (Root)
*    (In judgment and decision making.)